Flooding in the Bay Area? Closed Roads?

Road Closure Information – get the latest from chp.ca.gov.  Select the “traffic” option, enter the location “Golden Gate” which covers the Bay Area.  Up to the minute information is provided on the site for road closures and openings.

Areas where flooding has occurred – Authorities are partially relying on local news to provide updates.  KRON4 (www.kron4.com) has updated information.  The local NBC station  (www.nbcbayarea.com)  is updating information as they get it. 

If you want information about flooding, check with the Santa Clara Valley Water District news site at www.valleywaternews.org

Please note that many homeowners insurance policies do NOT provide coverage for water damages incurred by or resulting from a flood.  The ONLY insurance available for flood coverage is Flood Insurance through FEMA.  Any homeowner can purchase flood insurance, it is often required in areas where homes are located on a “100 Year” or more frequent flood zone.  For more information about flood insurance contact your insurance carrier (although there may be a moratorium on issuing new policies during the rainy season…) 

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Best Public High Schools in California?

The “Los Altos Patch” online newsletter has published results from the website “Niche” which analyzes and reports on the best high schools in California, and they have recently published their results for the best schools for 2017.   Niche determines the ranking based on academics, SAT/ACT scores, student-teacher ratios, and reviews from students and parents.

Some of our local schools continue to ranked highly, as follows:

Gunn High, Palo Alto  # 1

Saratoga High, Saratoga  #4

Palo Alto High, Palo Alto  #5

Los Altos High, Los Altos  #8

Mountain View High, Mountain View  #12

Los Gatos High, Los Gatos  #22

Lynbrook High, San Jose  #28

Cupertino High, Cupertino  #38

Monta Vista High, Cupertino  #80

Homestead High, Cupertino  #91

Leland High, San Jose  #97

Read the article at:   http://tinyurl.com/h38c258

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Great News for Homeowners – Homes Continuing to Appreciate!

Home prices – are they continuing to increase?  You bet they are!  In some areas of the country, the San Francisco Bay Area being one, supply isn’t keeping up with demand.  This keeps both demand and prices high.

It is expected that home prices will continue to appreciate, by as much as 5% in 2017.  Although this is a slower rate of appreciation than that seen over the last few years, it is more sustainable.

Read the article at:  http://tinyurl.com/j5pdmob


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Meeting to Discuss Waverly Park Homeless Housing

The Santa Clara Valley Water District is holding a community meeting in Mountain View on Wednesday, February 15th, to solicit feedback on a plan to get homeless residents out of the creek and into district-owned homes in the Waverly Park neighborhood.

The water agency owns 19 homes in the neighborhood along Stevens Creek, including properties on Diercx Drive, Franklin Court, Franklin Avenue, Pastel Lane and Sleeper Avenue. These single-family homes currently serve as market-rate rental properties. Last November, the district’s Homeless Encampment Ad Hoc Committee suggested that as these homes become vacant, the water district could work with Santa Clara County’s Office of Supportive Housing to allow homeless families to move in.

The meeting is scheduled for tomorrow, Feb. 15, at 7 p.m. at Huff Elementary School, located at 254 Martens Avenue. Read the balance of the article at: http://tinyurl.com/zfnxvhf


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How to Repair a Broken Window Seal?

Have you ever noticed that some dual-pane windows are cloudy or have crystals between the panes?  This cloudiness is caused by a “broken seal”, the break in the seal allows gasses between the windows to escape and moisture or condensation to collect between the panes.  When the moisture dries the minerals in the fluid are left behind, leaving a fuzzy or crystalline pattern which you can’t remove.

This is aesthetically annoying and cuts the energy-saving potential of the window dramatically.

Traditionally the only way to resolve the issue has been to replace the window.

We had 1 window in our home with a failed seal, and have lived with this cloudiness between the panes in this window for years.  Today I had a glass company come out (few companies do this) and replace the glass, not the entire window.  The repair is at a fraction of  the cost of a new window, and takes far less time.

An amazing difference!


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Making Good Use of the Rain

Even though the recent downpours in California have lifted most of the state out of drought, there is no reason to waste the extra water we’re receiving. Put it to good use by actively making sure that the water stays in your yard or garden where your trees and plants will reap the benefits. Click on the link below to read more on this topic.


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How to Add Natural Light to a Dark Room or a Dark Home

There are some great articles available on how to add natural light to a dark room.  This particular article was excellent, with photo examples as well as tips for homeowners.

Here is a brief summary:

  1. Add a light paint color to the ceiling and accent with glass pendant light(s).
  2. Decorate using mirrors which capture and reflect light.
  3. Add brass lettering to a dark wall.
  4. Remove dark or heavy curtains, use light colors and light weight fabrics for window treatments. Consider blinds or shutters.
  5. Use glass in your doors – either glass doors or glass panes.
  6. Use glass tabletops or acrylic chairs to reduce the amount of light absorbed by furniture.
  7. Use lighter paint colors in dark rooms.
  8. Install recessed lights or under-cabinet lighting.
  9. Contrast dark cabinetry with lighter finishes and backsplashes.
  10. Add light colored fixtures, cushions, and area rugs to balance a dark room.
  11. Add a window, skylight, or sun tunnel (solar tube).

Read the article in “Decorated Life” at:  http://tinyurl.com/gtqpqaj

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